Trail Tested: Kurgo G-Train Backpack

Posted by Ella Lobdell on 27/11/2018

This review is from Kurgo Ambassador Ella Lobdell of @gusandtug_frenchies

As a small dog owner, you may wonder if your best friend can safely join you on long hikes, walks, and extended adventures. You may think that small breeds are solely lap dogs, and not capable of the same athletic abilities of larger dogs but you are wrong! They love going out for activities, but their shorter strides may keep them from going the distance. That’s where the G-Train backpack comes in. It allows any small breed to extend the fun even after tiring. Your best friend can join you on any adventure as long as you have the right gear to keep them safe and comfortable.

We bring our G-Train backpack on every hike with Gus & Tug, our French bulldogs. It’s nice to offer them an extended break if their legs get tired or if the terrain gets too rough without having to shorten our hike. The bag gives us plenty of room to hold the dog, snacks, extra clothes, and water for a full day of adventure. Even for city dogs that want to ride the subway, the G-train is a comfortable, easy way to never leave your small dog behind. Here are some reasons why both you and your dog will love the G-train backpack.

1. Comfort for Dog

Most owners fear their dogs will not tolerate being in a backpack while hiking or traveling but the G-train has created a roomy, ventilated area that most dogs find comforting. The G-train backpack stands up on its own, so your pup can hop in and out of the pack with ease eliminating the need to struggle and force them into the pack. There is also an interior swivel tether to keep your dog securely in place while preventing them from getting twisted and tangled. Compared to most other dog carrier backpacks on the market, the G-train provides plenty of space for dogs up to 25 lbs. and creates an experience both dog and owner can enjoy.

2. Comfort for Owner

One of the most attractive features of the G-Train backpack is all the components to ensure maximum comfort for not only the dog, but the owner as well. The G-train has a fully padded back along with padded waist strap and chest strap. Although the base of the pack is hard for stability, there is enough padding at the base of the pack to prevent the hard plastic bottom from digging into you back even when carrying a 20 pound dog.

3. Storage

Another fantastic feature about the G-train is that it provides a generous amount of additional storage space eliminating the need for a second pack on shorter trips. There is a separate padded compartment that can easily fit snacks, a laptop, or any other items you may need for a short hike or trip into town. There are also two water bottle sleeves on the sides for additional storage.

4. Easy to Clean

The entire G-train backpack is water resistant which allows for easy cleaning after a day out in the mountains. The bottom of the pack is also removable, waterproof and machine washable, so it is easy to clean out all of those muddy paw prints at the end of the day. A simple wipe down of the pack after a day of adventuring will be enough to keep your G-train sparkling clean!

5. Style

Although the most important aspects of the G-train are the functional features, it also has another amazing attribute: it’s stylish! The bright red outside with the blue interior is striking and fashionable. It has a rugged look that’s perfect for the avid hiker even if you aren’t carrying your pooch.

Overall, the comfortable, fashionable G-Train backpack is a must-have for any small dog owner. No dog should ever have to be left behind, and with the G-train, they won’t have to be. Whether your dog is a daily traveller in the pack or if you take it with you on hikes to have a safe place for your pup to go when they tire, anyone with a small dog will wonder how they lived without the G-train!

Ella Lobdell and her crew (which includes 5 dogs!) live in North Hampton, New Hampshire. They love hiking in the White Mountains and have done 11 out of 48 4,000 footers and cannot wait to do more! Ella is a vet technician at an emergency hospital. Follow her adventures at @gusandtag_frenchies