The Benefits of a Dog Life Vest

Posted by on 03/07/2024

Has your dog ever slipped into a lake or river that was either too deep or moving too quickly for him to safely negotiate? If so, then you understand the value of a dog life vest. (And if you haven’t yet experienced this terrifying moment, then lucky you. But you might want to consider investing in one.)

Most dogs love the water. The good news is that most water sports, from paddleboarding to rafting to canoeing, are dog-friendly. But just because your dog is an enthusiastic companion, doesn’t mean he can’t get into trouble. A dog PFD (personal floatation device) will keep him safe and give you peace of mind so you can enjoy your time together on the water.

Here are five reasons a dog life vest is a good idea:

Some dogs aren’t swimmers.

There are a few dog breeds that are famous water lovers. But there are just as many that, as much as they might love the water, simply aren’t built for swimming. We think they should still be able to come with you on your next aquatic adventure. They just need a little extra support when they do. That’s where a dog life vest can help turn a not-so-natural swimmer into, well, a safer not-so-natural swimmer.

Dogs can get tired.

Even super swimmers can wear themselves out. And dogs aren’t able to predict when they’ll run out of steam when out for a swim. A dog life vest ensures that when they start to get tired, they’ll stay safely afloat until you can get to them or they find their way back to solid ground.

The unexpected happens.

You may not intend for your dog to go in the water. And he may very well have no interest in swimming. But when accidents happen on the water, they can quickly become life-threatening. It’s not easy to pull a dog out of the water, especially when he’s in distress and the water is above his head.

A classic scenario is a dog slipping off the side of a paddleboard in the middle of the lake. It’s smart to strap a life jacket on your dog for this and other “just in case” scenarios. Trust us, your future self will thank you.

Dog handles make rescues easier.

A dog PFD is not only a flotation device, but also a more effective way to pull your dog to safety should he get into a dangerous situation. We like to joke, “Dogs don’t naturally come with handles.” But the truth is, PFDs make it much easier to get a dog out of the water and out of harm’s way. kurgo’s Surf-N-Turf Dog Life Jacket features two handles for emergency extractions.

You’ll be able to see your dog in the water.

Most dog life vests are designed in bright colours so that you can spot your furry friend if he drifts away from you. And this can easily happen when water currents are involved. Our Surf-N-Turf Dog Life Jacket is bright red with reflective accents to make Fido visible from afar.

When it comes to dog life jackets, the cliché “better safe than sorry” couldn’t be more true. You may not think you need one, and hopefully, you don’t. But when a dangerous, unanticipated water-related incident happens, you won’t have the luxury of a do-over. So we say, strap one on just in case.